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Our Exclusive Water Damage Repair

Water damage to your home or business premise can be a serious problem. Besides this damage could substantially reduce the value of your home by damaging the structure of the building. Water damage can also lead to serious health risks for those occupying or working on the premise. has a water damage repair division which can help you with any water damage your home or business premise may suffer. Stagnating water due to water damage is a source of harmful bacteria as well as mold and mildew which is harmful for your health. Besides water damage can cause the floors and walls to warp which can be expensive to repair. There many causes for water damage and the most common ones are:

  Breaches in the storm drain protocols
  Major flooding & Clogged toilets
  Leaking roofs, crawl spaces & appliance hoses
  Broken water mains & pipes
  Plugged sinks or tubs
  Leaking water fountains or coolers
  Leaking radiators

These sources of water leakage can cause the water to enter your home & may cause thousands of dollars of damage if not attended to promptly. Standing water in your home can cause the growth of mold & mildew while at the same time it can affect the structural integrity of the building. Besides standing water even if removed can cause your walls & floors to absorb the moisture which in the long run can cause them to rot. Damp walls & floors can also develop mold & mildew which can be harmful to the health of you & your family.

Our water damage service

First of all, our water damage service is available to you 24/7, which means that if you have an emergency we are available to you night or day seven days a week. Our water damage service can not only help you contain the damage but also help you with the required repairs. Once you call our service to help you with water damage, one of our trained staff would be at your door very shortly to help you. The first thing that he would do is asses the situation and contain the source of the water. Once that is done he would proceed with the removal of the standing water. We have the best equipment available to remove any standing water and also the heavy duty humidifiers that would be necessary to dry out the entire place. Once our staff has removed the water and dried the place, he

inspect the water affected area and suggest to you the necessary repairs if any required due to any damage to your home. Once you give him the approval he would then go about doing the necessary repairs.

We at are well aware of how water damage can cause loss to you and your property. We have the expertise, a well trained staff and the necessary equipment to handle all kinds of water damage problems. If you find water damage in your home or business premise, just give us a call at (516) 387-0168 and our staff member will be at your service promptly.

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