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Boat Cleaning Services

Many of our Garden City customers enjoy their time on the water and have spent a considerable amount of money to purchase a nice boat so that they can enjoy the water on a more close up and personal level. Like their homes, boat owners do their best to keep their boats well maintained and clean and feel a sense of pride in keeping their boats neat and tidy.

If you are a boat owner and have a boat that has carpeting, area rugs and/or upholstery then keeping those items clean is going to be a top priority in your boat’s upkeep and we at Garden City Carpeting Cleaning Pros can help make that portion of your boat’s up keep effortless and fast as we can handle all of your boat’s carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning needs for you.

Your Boat’s Carpeting

In many ways your boat’s carpeting is subjected to even more abuse than the carpeting in your home. Not only is your carpeting subjected to the normal dirt and dust as home carpeting, but it also is subject to wet feet, and salt water spray that can leave your boat’s carpeting damp and subject to the growth of bacteria and mold and mildew. Here at Garden City Carpet Cleaning Pros we not only can clean your carpet during the warm months while you are using the boat for your on the water adventures, but we will also be more than happy to provide carpet cleaning prior to your putting in dry dock for the winter and at the start of your boating season.

Area Rug Cleaning For Your Boat

When it comes to having the area rugs you use on boat cleaned we offer you the same two convenient options we do for cleaning the area rugs in your home. Our first option is to have your area rugs right on your boat by simply making a rug cleaning appointment. The second option is have us come and pick up those area rugs and clean them at your facility and then return them to you. You can even have us pick up your rugs for your boat and your home on the same day and clean them all at once and then return them to you again on the same day helping your maintain the cleanliness of your home and boat all at the same time!

Upholstery Cleaning for Your Boat

When it comes to cleaning your boat’s upholstery, our trained and skilled upholstery cleaning technicians will treat cleaning your boat’s upholstery with the same loving care we treat the upholstery in your home. We use the proper upholstery cleaning techniques for your boat’s upholstery and the same green cleaners we use in your home. Of course we will also be happy to clean the mattresses in your boat’s sleeping quarters as well as any blinds or drapes on your boat as well.

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